Are you frustrated by seeing your health insurance costs go up every year? Are your out-of-pocket expenses going up as well? Do you find that Health Insurance is confusing? Well maybe you should check out Better Benefits for ME for some solutions. We can help you better understand your insurance coverage, and help you design a plan that best meets your needs, and those of your dependent family members. When was the last time you had a chance to meet one-on-one with a trained benefits counselor? We are here for you….just ask.

Advantages for Employee:

  • Educated counselor support in make benefit decisions during open enrollment.
  • Population is better educated on benefit options and have reduced concerns about self enrollment.
  • Employee population is educated on the process and is better prepared to navigate technology and self enrollment in the future.
  • Better enrollment and education process lends to more effective delivery of other programs (Wellness, Teledoc, H.S.A introduction/steerage as part of the overall cost saving renewal strategy, etc.)

BB Assisted Time Period: At the end of OE, all parties will review the results of the enrollment and make the determination whether the employee population is prepared to make future OE elections on their own. Multiple variables could have BB continue to assist during OE, but eventuality the employee will use the system without assistance. BB provides on-going support through the new hire onboarding process that will be developed during implementation.

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