Are you frustrated by seeing your health insurance costs go up every year? Are your out-of-pocket expenses going up as well? Do you find that Health Insurance is confusing? Well maybe you should check out Better Benefits for ME for some solutions. We can help you better understand your insurance coverage, and help you design a plan that best meets your needs, and those of your dependent family members. When was the last time you had a chance to meet one-on-one with a trained benefits counselor? We are here for you….just ask.

Advantages for HR:

  • Burden of open enrollment preparation removed.
  • Reduces calls to HR during open enrollment with questions on benefits and technology.
  • Satisfies concern HR has regarding reduced education and employee satisfaction and understanding.
  • Future support and consistency in the new hire on-boarding process.

Please Contact Better Benefits LLC to discuss how we can help you book of business grow!